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Recruiter Jobs

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Recruiter jobs

A recruiter's role is to find suitable candidates for job opportunities on behalf of employers. Some recruiters work for a recruitment agency and are hired by companies to find candidates for them. Other recruiters such as internal recruiters work in a company's human resource department and source candidates for their own company. Typically, the recruiter will find potential candidates, review their resumes and applications, and create a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for the hiring manager to review.

Different Types of Recruiters

The following are examples of different types of recruiters that work to connect organisations with suitable candidates for employment.


A headhunter is a term used to describe an individual who works for an employment agency that recruits qualified personnel for various jobs. Headhunters actively seek qualified applicants for jobs using LinkedIn, social media, online databases, networking, and other sources. 

Executive Recruiter

An executive recruiter specialises in hiring executive personnel. These types of recruiters find candidates for high-level positions like CEO, executive, high-level managerial, etc.

Internal Recruiter

Internal recruiters work for and source full-time employees for the company they work for. may also perform other human resources duties.

Information Technology (IT) Recruiter

An information Technology recruiter specializes in hiring individuals to fill IT positions in a variety of industries. These recruiters will seek job candidates who have the specific skills the employer wants, such as programming skills or technical expertise.

Legal Recruiter

A legal recruiter specialises in finding jobs for legal professionals; solicitors, company secretaries, legal executives, legal secretaries, etc.

Management Recruiter

A management recruiter specializes in hiring individuals from a variety of business sectors. Management recruiters may focus on hiring corporate executives, but they may also fill middle management and sales positions.

Pharmaceutical Recruiter

A pharmaceutical recruiter specializes in hiring individuals to fill a variety of pharmacy positions, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Sales Recruiter

A sales recruiter specialises in hiring individuals to fill sales positions in a variety of industries. The jobs filled range from entry-level to executive-level sales and marketing positions.