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What do recruiters do?

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What do recruiters do?

Understand the Client’s needs

A recruiter's role is to match suitable candidates to job opportunities on behalf of employers, this begins with understanding a company’s hiring needs. Recruiters typically specialise in a specific industry or area. This means they have an in-depth knowledge of the market including, what employers are looking for, what jobs are in demand, what positions are available within the sector, who’s applying for roles, and what an ideal candidate looks like.

Identifying Candidates

Once a recruiter has a good understanding of the positions that need to be filled, they need to find candidates to fill those positions. This involves posting job opportunities on platforms such as LinkedIn, job board websites such as or their own recruitment website. Recruiters will contact candidates to find out more about the skills, experience, and career goals to determine if they would be a good match for the position available. If they seem like a good fit their application will be put forward to the potential employer.


The interview process

Since the interview process usually involves many key participants (hiring company’s manager, company team members, the potential employees) setting up interviews that suit everyone’s schedule can be a challenge. Details such as interview location, times, and ensuring both the interviewer and interviewee have sufficient time to prepare for the interview. Recruiters must also figure out a feedback system so that they know where candidates stand after their interview.


Following up

The final step for the recruiter is following up with the candidate. This involves letting them know the outcome of their application or interview. Whether that is informing them of the next stage of their application or letting them know they have been unsuccessful this time and the company will not be proceeding with their application.