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Recruitment Tips

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Recruitment Tips1

Recruitment Tips

Candidate First

Put the candidate's experience first. Every candidate that you interact with should feel good about the company and the whole recruitment process regardless of them being hired or not. This is a huge part of your employer’s brand and creating a bad candidate experience can put people off, and they may avoid using your company again.


When writing a job description ensure that it accurately reflects the needs of the role and identifies essential skills required.  If you don’t specify what you are looking for, how will the candidate know what you need? Specific job descriptions will help to reduce the number of unsuitable candidates applying.


As a recruiter, it’s your job to get potential candidates excited about the position. It’s important to share the right details; the salary, benefits, culture, and what they should expect if they are hired. Personalise the message, show the person you contact that they weren’t just 1 out of 100 emails you’ve sent and response rates will increase.


When you have many phone calls, meetings, interviews, and your own day-to-day tasks, you need to stay on top of things. Maintaining a strict calendar is a must. Be sure to check off a task when you finish.


Plan your questions and keep them relevant. There are a number of common interview questions you can add to your screening process available online. Ask all of the candidates the same questions and score the interview at the end before meeting another candidate. This will help make sure that your candidates are properly assessed.

Embrace diversity. Diversity and inclusion are essential to every company. Seek and consider applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. Identify ways you can make your hiring process more friendly and inclusive to people from different backgrounds.